Welcome to Champion Vending

New York Healthy Vending Machines

Champion Vending is the premium vending provider of healthy snacks and beverages to customers big and small throughout the greater New York region.

Today we can enjoy a wide range of snacks & beverages with reduced sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium, including the ever-popular trail mix varieties, baked chips, fruit & nutrition bars, and beverages like juices, flavored & vitamin-enhanced waters, teas, sports drinks, and even zero-calorie sodas!

Champion Vending's commitment goes beyond the products themselves:

Let us prove to you that Champion Vending is the best choice for healthier snacks and beverages! You can reach us at 800.558.5450 or by email at info@championvending.com for a no cost, no obligation consultation. We will be happy to answer all your questions.