Del Monte Fresh Fruit Vending Program

New York Healthy Vending Machines

Our new fresh fruit and vegetable vending line is designed to meet the needs of today's health conscious, on-the-go consumer. It is an innovative solution that meets society's growing demand for fresh, healthy snack alternatives in vending machines and combats childhood obesity.

The line features specially packaged bananas, as well as single serve fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, some of which are paired with a healthy, low fat dip. 

Products Include:

  • Whole Fresh Bananas
  • 5oz Pineapple Chunks with Litehouse® Light Vanilla Yogurt 
  • 6oz Pineapple Chunks
  • 5oz Pineapple Chunks and Grapes
  • 4oz Apple Slices with Lighthouse® Light Caramel Dip
  • 5oz Apple Slices
  • 4oz Veg Medley (Baby Carrots, Celery, Tomato) with Lighthouse® Light Ranch Dip
  • 4oz Baby Carrot and Celery with Lightouse® Light Ranch Dip
  • 4oz Baby Carrot with Lighthouse Light Ranch Dip


All items are 100% fresh and natural, with no sweeteners or preservatives and have no more than 140 calories.